Stop Snoring

There are proven ways to effectively tackle this issue these days. In a nutshell, the most important thing is to realize that the cause of snoring is not the same for all individuals. The first step to finding a remedy is to identify the cause.

My dear guests can infer some solutions as apparent from the discussion on the causes of snoring. Avoiding alcohol and sleep medications can help alleviate the problem. In addition, losing weight and exercising may benefit individuals whose snoring is related to being overweight. Side-sleeping is advisable for individuals who snore. Over-the-counter products are available that help control snoring. Ultimately, one needs to seek medical advice to put an end to this annoying and serious problem.

As a final remark, I want my guests to deliberate on the serious health implications of snoring. If you once believed that snoring is a trivial matter, please think again. The growing body of medical evidence highlights the risks associated with snoring. In the end, the steps you take today to address this problem may be a life-saver tomorrow. Do not ignore habitual loud snoring; talk to a doctor to understand the cause and seek an aid. I am happy that I did!

You and your loved ones should put a stop to snoring and get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Self-help vs. Medical Intervention

I was a habitual snorer. I don’t recall the exact age I developed this annoying habit. But over the years, my snoring got from bad to worse. My wife’s frequent complaints kept me well aware of the situation. In fact, I would at times awake up by the loud sound of my own snoring! I realized that both my wife and I were losing out on quality sleep.

I could trace back many of the problems we were facing in daily life to our sleep-deprived state. Frequent outbursts of anger, lack of focus during the day, fatigue and exhaustion were some of the outcomes.

I am sure many of you can relate with my story. I have written this article to share with readers my journey to finding the perfect solution to snoring. Please be advised that your unique circumstances and needs may be different from mine. Therefore, consultation with a physician is recommended.

Doctor’s consultation

Doctor’s consultationThe first step in my journey to end snoring was consultation with my family doctor. To diagnose the exact reason for my snoring, the doctor asked my wife and me a list of questions. A physical examination of my oral and nasal cavities was also performed to check for any tissue structure problem, such as deviated septum. The doctor determined that given my medical history and family background, a home sleep test would be unnecessary. My snoring could be categorized as “primary snoring,” also called “simple snoring.”

I was advised to include some lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, weight control, avoiding alcohol, etc. He also suggested side-sleeping and head elevation during sleep. However, given my busy professional schedule, I did not see how I could bring about significant lifestyle changes in a short time. Moreover, I had already tried different sleeping positions, but to no avail.

Finally, the doctor recommended that I explore different over-the-counter anti-snoring products that might give immediate and lasting benefits. The doctor’s main suggestion was to try anti-snoring mouthpieces, because of their comfort of use and proven effectiveness.


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