An epilator is one way to get rid of your hair, where the device pulls the hair from the roots. It will give the results of waxing but without the mess. It also provides less discomfort  when used correctly. Here is a step by step epilating guide to help you get the most smoothest shave possible.

Choose a good quality epilator

The quality of the epilator matters as a good quality epilator will give you the result which will last you a long time. Try to look for a better selection of epilator which is cordless as it will make everything much more easier for you.

Shave your legs prior

Epilators work best when you hair growth is to minimal. If you hairs are too long the hair might get stuck in the epilator and can cause problems. Shave before hand and ensure that there is minimal amount of hair growth which can ensure all the hairs are gone.

Set a time

Epilating your body hair can take up some time. Schedule yourself to be free for one hour and ensure that you can groom yourself well. This ensures that you are not in a hurry to finish but take your time to completely remove any hair.

Exfoliate your legs in the shower

One of the best ways to get rid of ingrown hairs is to help prevent it from occurring later. Take a warm shower before hand and scrub your body gently to remove any dead skin. Rub your skin in a gentle circular motion which can gently leave your skin clean for a better epilating experience.

Dry or wet epilation

According to epilating in the shower allows the process to be much less painful. It allows the epilator to glide on seamlessly into all the crevices and remove the hair from the root individually. This is one way to make the whole process effective.

use it at the lowest setting first

If it is your first time using an epilator, start with the lowest setting to help ensure that you can understand the feeling better. If you feel comfortable start to switching it up to higher settings to speed up the whole process.

Start on the inside of your lower leg

Starting from the least sensitive area will give you the confidence to shave the in sensitive areas as well. This will get your body accustomed to feeling the pain that epilators can cause and later move on to your sensitive areas. This helps you to balance the natural oil on your scalp which can make it easier for you to shave.

Hold the epilator chose to your skin

Want the most smoothest shave an epilator can be your best friend. Hold the device close to your skin but ensure that you do not press hard. Holding it close can help ensure that that you get to see the most smoothest shave which will last you a long time.


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